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1. The Louvre (Paris) 1999 "The legacy of Napoleon's imperialism and the Western tradition's GREAT ART. Where else can you find the Mona Lisa, Michelangelos, Ingres and the Victory statue all in the same museum wing? 'Wish I had spent longer than 45 mins there."

2. Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) 1998 "Home of the 'Potato Eaters' and other early works by the misunderstood genius; close to a Van Gogh cafe."

3. National Palace Museum (Taipei) 1993 "Witness to the heights of Chinese art and culture; contains the mainland's booty rescued in the nick of time from the misplaced zeal of the Reds; the jade grasshopper on a cabbage is my favorite piece."

4. Surfers' Paradise (Gold Coast, Australia) 1998 "White sand and blue, foamy surf as far as the eyes can see; takes on a spectral aura on a stormy night."

5. Seven Crags Park (Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China) 2000 "Guilin on a shoestring budget"

6. Reichstag and Berlin Wall (Berlin) 1999 "Looks over the Brandenburg Gate, historic buildings and shadows in the city's sprawling gardens at night; you can walk over where the Cold War ramparts once stood."

7. Hundred Islands (Pangasinan, Philippines) early 1990s "Pick your own private paradise."

8. Jurong Bird Park (Singapore) 2000 "Its macaws (the blue ones are almost extinct in the wild) are adorable; one show parrot sings in Mandarin, English and Malay."

9. Victoria Peak (Hong Kong) 1993 "A haven in a cramped, uptight city"

10. Armstrong Browning Library (Waco, Texas) 2001 "Sanctuary of the Browning poet-couple's memorabilia and artistic tributes to their greatest works; set in a tranquil, charming campus"

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

An aerial view of the 40-km Gold Coast beach


A macaw at the Jurong bird park, home to over 8,000 birds of 600 species.

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